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Getting Started

About Unifi

UniFi provides access to any Defi protocol in just a single line of code. Currently Unifi has integrated Uniswap with methods to do swaps, approve and get swap quote in uniswap all in a single line.

In the coming up weeks:

1) We will be integrating protocols like Aave, 1inch and more methods from Uniswap

2) Creation of AA wallet architecture and provide REST API endpoints


Install Unifi SDK

npm i unifi-sdk

Get your free API key

Login to our dashboard at

Provide your mail Id, verify it with the OTP we send you

Get Your API, as of now there are no API call limits

let apiKey = "your-api-key";
const Unifi = require("unifi-sdk");

let unifi = Unifi(apiKey);